About us

Fluent Mandarin School is a Chinese language school located in the uniquely immersive Chinese language environment of Richmond, British Columbia on Canada’s beautiful Pacific West Coast.

Our school is located in beautiful Greater Vancouver, BC

We are dedicated to changing and improving Chinese education so that everyone can have access to the resources they need to learn to speak and write fluently in Mandarin. China has entered the 21st century along with the rest of the world, but unfortunately Chinese language education has not followed suit. We want to change that!

To get this change kick-started we are making all of  our language videos freely available under an open content license on our Mandarin Learning Portal. And we are inviting Chinese language professionals to contribute to expanding and improving this collection so that students around the world can benefit from better-quality Chinese teaching and educational resources.

It should be clear that we have quite a different approach and educational philosophy from other schools that seem to focus on making you feel like learning Mandarin has to be difficult. Check out our pages on flipping the Chinese classroom and the problem with Chinese as a Foreign Language education to see how we are encouraging all Chinese students and educators to think differently about the way they learn and teach Chinese!

If you are in the Metro Vancouver Area we would love to have you join us in person to begin (or continue) your journey to Mandarin fluency. Take a look at our online campus homepage for more information about our upcoming classes and seminars!


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