Our Teachers

The staff at Fluent Mandarin School (FMS) are all Chinese Language Education Professionals. Professionalization means a lot to us — it’s one of the reasons we started FMS in the first place. We are proud of the work we do and we think it shows!

What this means is that all of our teachers are accredited (generally graduate level or above specialization in Chinese as a Foreign Language) and experienced teachers of Mandarin, or have an equivalent combination of experience, passion and innovation in Mandarin language education. In fact, most of them have done their graduate work in Language Education right here in Canada, and are deeply familiar as a result with the differences between Chinese and North American learning styles.

As Chinese Language Professionals, many of us are also passionately engaged in supporting our local language communities. We are honoured to have among our staff members of MUSE, CRCLLE and other groups working to improve Chinese language education at all levels in British Columbia and throughout Canada.

Part of our collective mission at FMS is to bring modern educational methods to the teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language. We’ve proven many times over that Mandarin doesn’t have to be taught or learned “the hard way”, and we think you’ll found that you gain a lot more enjoyment out of language learning from our approach!

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